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HSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download


Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education published the short syllabus for HSC candidate 2021 on 29 May 2021 by and The Board of Education has announced the Short Curriculum 2021 for HSC students as per the decision taken by the government to increase the current curriculum and work pressure of the students. So students can finish their studies like this and participate well in HSC Exam 2021. The take a look at query paper is part of this lesson plan. This lesson plan may be primarily based on one’s personal college, faculty or board. However, JSC, SSC and HSC examinations are performed in the identical syllabus everywhere in the nation.

HSC Short Syllabus 2021 All Subjects

Short syllabus has been published for SSC and HSC candidates. National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB). The syllabus was handed over to the education boards on Thursday night. The education boards published the syllabus late at night. The HSC New Short Syllabus is going to released on 4 February, 2021 all over the country under 11 Education Board. National Curriculum and Textbook Board is responsible to publish the syllabus. Lets show you a summary about this syllabus. As long as the institutions are closed, there is no chance of students having any formal guidance and this is why the short syllabus can come in handy.

New Short Syllabus of HSC Information download

The information in HSC New Short Syllabus 2021 is detailed below so that students can know the required information.

Exam Title: Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary
Exam Session:  2020-2021
Exam Year:  2021
Board: All Educational Board
Short Syllabus Publish Date: 29 May 2021

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The collection of information related to HSC exam is given below which students must see. HSC students will be able to get their complete information through this post.

Exam Start Date: 02 December 2021
Exam Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Exam Ends Date: 30 December 2021
Official Website:

HSC New Short Syllabus

The short syllabus of HSC has clearly explained to the students of each subject chapter. According to the syllabus, the HSC examination will be held on 02 December 2021. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has already published the routine. The chapters in the syllabus that have given the process of study must follow the instructions of all the students. Educational institutions were closed due to the corona virus, which is why the syllabus was created. Many sources said that HSC students of 2021 will benefit through short syllabus. To get good results in the exam, the short syllabus will bring functionality. All the students must download the PDF.

Most of the students do not know how to download this post has been made for them easily knowing the rules will be able to download HSC short syllabus pdf. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education had prepared a short syllabus at the beginning of the year, saying that everything had been prepared in the examination as per the syllabus.

HSC Syllabus 2021 PDF Download

HSC new syllabus 2021 will be gotten here. If you read our post carefully then you can find in this post short syllabus for HSC 2021. If you are the examine of HSC then, this post will be very helpful. Here you will get 2021 HSC Syllabus. At this age, we are here to check the Humanities department recently published a short syllabus. The education board comment that they are going to take the final HSC examination in 2021 by following this syllabus. So you have to cover this one now as soon as possible.

HSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download

HSC New Short Syllabus 2021 Download

The Ministry of Education has informed the students of HSC Science, Humanities, Commerce Group that the examination will be held in December and they must study according to the short syllabus. You can easily apply HSC short syllabus by showing the process of how to download. The Ministry of Education has made the study possible through the assignment process. Directorate Of Secondary & Higher Education, which had been closed for a long time due to the corona virus, reopened on 12 September. All students are asked to return to regular classes and follow the hygiene rules. Blessed that they will hold the exam within the stipulated time, proceed below to download the HSC Short Syllabus PDF.

Social Work 1st Paper

Social Work 2nd Paper

Soil Science 1st Paper

Soil Science 2nd Paper

Statistics 1st Paper

Statistics 2nd Paper

Physics 1st Paper

Physics 2nd Paper

Logic 1st Paper

Logic 2nd Paper

Islam Shikkha 1st Paper

Islam Shikkha 2nd Paper

Production Management 1st Paper

Production Management & Marketing 2nd Paper

Psychology 1st Paper

Psychology 2nd Paper

Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Paper

Finance & Banking 2nd Paper

Sociology 1st Paper

Sociology 2nd Paper


Economics 1st Paper

Economics 2nd Paper

History 1st Paper

History 2nd Paper

Islamic History & Culture 1st Paper

Islamic History & Culture 2nd Paper

Home Science 1st Paper

Home Science 2nd Paper

Civics 1st paper

Civics 2nd paper

Art and Textile 1st Paper

Art and Textile 2nd Paper

Accounting 1st Paper

Accounting 2nd Paper

Geography 1st Paper

Geography 2nd Paper

Food And Nutrition 1st Paper

Food And Nutrition 2nd Paper

Higher Math 1st Paper

Higher Math 2nd Paper

Home management 1st Paper

Home management 2nd Paper

Agriculture 1st Paper

Agriculture 2nd Paper

Arts & Crafts 1st Paper

Arts & Crafts 2nd Paper

Biology 1st paper

Biology 2nd Paper

Bangla 1st & 2nd Paper

English 1st Paper

English 2nd Paper

Business Organization and MGT 1st Paper

Business Organization and MGT 2nd Paper

Chemistry 1st Paper

Chemistry 2nd Paper

Child Development 1st Paper

Child Development 2nd Paper

All Subjects HSC Short Syllabus 2021 Download

HSC Short Syllabus You can download PDF file by watching this video. This video has been made for the convenience of the students. You will be able to easily download the short syllabus of all the subjects inshallah. HSC examination will be held in 2021 and students have been asked to continue their studies as per this syllabus. According to the Ministry of Education, the HSC examination will be held in 2021 this year according to the syllabus. The HSC syllabus will definitely be useful to the students and will help them to go to the next step.

Information New Short Syllabus of HSC 2021

All Education Board HSC Suggestion 2021 is Very Important for Public Exam Preparation, Each Student adopts All sorts of ways to get a good Score in the Intermediate Education Boards Bangladesh, Good News Students who are Searching for the BD Intermediate Suggestion 2021 has been Uploaded the All Subject Wise Download to the Students who are Going to Appear in the All HSC Education Board Bangladesh. Alim new syllabus also update here. Also, the Technical board’s new syllabus and Technical board mark distribution exam 2021.

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List of HSC Short Syllabus Board of Education

  1. Dhaka Board HSC Short Syllabus
  2. Rajshahi Board HSC Short Syllabus
  3. Dinajpur Board HSC Short Syllabus
  4. Jessore Board HSC Short Syllabus
  5. Sylhet Board HSC Short Syllabus
  6. Comilla Board HSC Short Syllabus
  7. Barisal Board HSC Short Syllabus
  8. Mymensingh Board HSC Short Syllabus
  9. Chittagong Board HSC Short Syllabus
  10. Technical/Vocational Board HSC Short Syllabus
  11. Madrasah/Alim Board HSC Short Syllabus

Conclusion of Short Syllabus

Dear visitors, I hope you have been able to download all the subjects of HSC Short Syllabus through our website. We have clearly explained on the site and important information will come in the question paper according to the syllabus of HSC exam. All HSC students need to prepare for the exam and know all the educational news updates. The HSC examination will start in the first week of December, the Bangladesh Education Minister has already informed. If you have any comments about the HSC syllabus, please let me know. I will try to help you. Thank you.

Primary Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download


Primary new short syllabus has been published on 18 October 2021. The Ministry of Education has announced that this year’s PSC examination will be held and the question papers will be examined according to the short syllabus. The educational institution, which has been closed for a long time due to the coronavirus epidemic, will reopen on September, during which all examinations will be held again. Primary students need to prepare for the exam and continue studying according to your syllabus. The Ministry of Education has announced that primary students will have to attend classes every day after the opening of the educational institution. Important PSC exams for primary students are a challenging subject to get into their big class. You can download the primary syllabus 2021 pdf easily. The website has been arranged for you.

Primary Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

There were no plans to take the primary exam at the beginning of the year. The Ministry of Education is thinking of holding the PSC exam in December. They have created a short syllabus for primary students all over Bangladesh. Everyone must download it. In this year, according to the syllabus, the question paper will come in the PSC examination. This is very important information. Students must be prepared. You can easily download the primary short syllabus PDF. There are 2,88,180 students in the primary this year and they must prepare themselves according to the short syllabus. The Ministry of Education has announced that the PSC exam will be held in December.

Primary School: PSC Short syllabus
Published Date: 06 September 2021
Syllabus Reduce: 30%
Official Website:

PSC Short Syllabus 2021 All Subject

Students have already started downloading the primary short syllabus, you are in the right place, every student will benefit here. Primary students have to be prepared as there are only three months left in the exam and they have to continue their studies according to the short syllabus. The campus has been delayed due to coronavirus, they said, adding that students need to be sorted out through primary examinations. Of course the primary syllabus is extremely important for students. To get more accurate information about the 2021 Primary Short Syllabus, visit their official website or do a Google search. Every student will benefit. With the publication of the Ministry of Education Short Syllabus, it has been realized on our website that there is no reason for students to worry. Below is the list of PSC syllabus. Proceed to download.

Class 5 Short Syllabus 2021

Class 5 They have 6 subjects, don’t forget to download the primary syllabus of Bengali, English, Mathematics, Bangladesh and World Identity, Primary Science, Islam Education and all other subjects. The Ministry of Primary Education has said that more facilities have been provided for the students and all the students must participate in the examination. Routine for primary students is going to be published in a few days. Of course, you can know the updates of everything through their official website. A primary student must follow a short syllabus and attend classes regularly to get good results. The Ministry of Education is preparing to conduct PSC examinations in various primary school centers across the country.

New Primary Short Syllabus 2021

If you haven’t downloaded the primary syllabus, download the PDF now. For your convenience, apply the link provided above on our website. Students must comply with the Ministry of Primary Education’s announcement and prepare for the exam. Students will complete PSC examination by primary short syllabus to improve their reading quality. You should know about the Class 5 Short Syllabus Policy. For convenience, you must see more notices given here. Of course, PSC exams must be done well and the reputation of the country’s educational institutions must be enhanced. The Ministry of Primary Education has created the short syllabus only for the welfare of the students.

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We bless all the students so that they can pass the exam with good marks. Class 5 students download the primary syllabus PDF and complete the activities of each chapter. If you have any questions about the syllabus, please let us know and we will try to help.

SSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF


 SSC Short Syllabus 2021 Humanities, commerce, science Group PDF Download here Ministry of Education are Going To Publish SSC New Short Syllabus 2021 For The Upcoming Examination. SSC question pattern 2021 is also going to help the examines in some very important ways, which students would feel very useful and beneficial. Nevertheless, SSC mark distribution 2021 is another useful format which has already been published by the educational board and the principals and teachers are requested to follow the instruction and get their students ready for the ultimate battle of school life. According to the Ministry of Education, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has decided to open educational institutions from 05 September 2021 to start teaching the new syllabus. Let’s find out more about this new syllabus.

New SSC Short Syllabus 2021

The education minister has recently announced that the exams will be held in November as per the SSC shot syllabus. Syllabus Extremely Important Students must download PDF of all subjects. The Ministry of Education has more plans around SSC exams in 2021. They will hold the exams at any cost but students have to be ready. Students need to know that they are carrying out all the activities according to the short syllabus through Assignment. If you have not downloaded the SSC short syllabus, our website is designed to enable easy application. Students will benefit from this post as all the updates to the short syllabus here are in process. Most students download PDF online and they get the right information.

SSC Short Syllabus 2021 All Subjects

SSC Syllabus 2021, the Staff Selection Commission sets the SSC exam pattern and syllabus of all the exams. The aim is to give candidates a clear idea about the Staff Selection Commission syllabus and exam pattern for all exam. NCTB SSC short syllabus 2021. The authority will publish the revised SSC short syllabus on 4th February 2021. Many of you students are looking for short syllabus for SSC exam, for their purpose we have made this post today. So that you can easily download your short syllabus from our website. However, the educational institutions remain closed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Students can download the revised SSC new syllabus 2021 PDF from below.

SSC Short Syllabus 2021 All Subjects PDF Download

Bangla 1st Paper

Bangla 2nd Paper

English 1st Paper

English 2nd Paper


Bangladesh & Global Studies




Higher Math



Business Entrepreneurship

Career Education


Finance & Banking

Geography & Environment


Arts & Crafts


Home Science


Physical Education




Khiristo Religion

Buddhist Religion

SSC Short Syllabus 2021

SSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download All Subject. Ministry of Education is Going to Publish SSC New Short Syllabus 2021 For the Upcoming Examination. We have attached the short syllabus in PDF format. You can easily download the syllabus. The Ministry of Education, in the light of the ongoing epidemic, has decided to publish the syllabus of SSC students this year in a concise format in order to overcome the crisis of the students. Here is the SSC 2021 short syllabus 2021. Just click on expected subjects below and get your original copy of SSC Short Syllabus 2021 Examination.

A short syllabus is very important for all the examinees in Bangladesh. By reading the short syllabus and directions of each of the given books, a student can easily prepare for the exam in a short time.

 Students, who will be sitting for the upcoming SSC Syllabus 2021 with Question Pattern, are bound to oblige the pattern of the syllabus and questions and mark distribution by NCTB.

Our education minister said February month opens all School and College only for SSC and HSC Result candidates. SSC Short Syllabus  Download PDF file so all board students download her Board wise new SSC Short Syllabus 2021.

I have been able to collect the short syllabus from the official page of NCTB and publish it in PDF format. You can download it if you want.

SSC New Syllabus 2021 will be available in PDF format here, you can download SSC Syllabus 2021 if you want.

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SSC Short Syllabus 2021 
ssc short syllabus 2021 pdf

SSC Short Syllabus PDF Download

The government has published revised syllabuses for this year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations in the face of criticism from examinees and teachers. As we have already said that we are going to give you all subject SSC syllabus here, we will duly work for that. SSC students of this year have have a lot of trouble during the pandemic. Now time has come to say end to the trouble. As the SSC exam approaches, we recommend you will go along with an exam strategy. There will be a post regarding the exam strategy. 

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In Conclusion

We try our best to provide all the educational info in our website. So Stay with our educational site. For any kinds of help please comment us.

IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021 । Apply Online


IFIC bank ltd job circular has been published 17/10/21 at All the candidates who want to get the job have to fill the application form online. IFIC Bank limited has officially announced the recruitment of manpower. Do not miss the opportunity. Experience is a must if you want to work in different categories. They prefer experience for most positions. IFIC, the most popular of the country’s private banks, has been operating for a long time.

Through this post IFIC Bank will be able to get the job application process and other information about the job. People are constantly running after jobs and applying for jobs in various jobs. IFIC Bank has given a huge opportunity to the people. Candidates will be able to apply by October 31, 2021.

IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021

Candidates approved by the Government of Bangladesh can have confidence in all the private banks. IFIC Bank Limited is commercially run according to government rules and regulations, which is why it is very interested in jobs. Before applying, you must check the IFIC Bank Limited Circular and if you are eligible, you must continue the activities as per the rules of the circular. You can visit the official website or do a Google search to get more views and other information. IFIC Bank Limited was established in 1976. It employs thousands of people and gets good salaries. It has more facilities. They have recruitment notices every year. If you want to see the job circular, go ahead.

Job Summary:

  • Organization: IFIC Bank Limited
  • Published Date: 17 October 2021
  • Educational Qualification: See Circular
  • Job Type: Bank Jobs
  • Age for Jobs: See Circular
  • Job Nature: Full-time
  • Official website:
  • Gender: Both Candidates Male & Female
  • Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh
  • Closing Date: 31 October 2021

Apply Online

IFIC Bank LTD Job Circular 2021 Job Circular

Day by day all the banks in Bangladesh are carrying out more development and activities. IFIC Bank Limited gives the highest status to the candidates no less than any part. You have to make yourself stand out through this job and maintain the integrity of the bank. IFIC Bank Limited has given various instructions. You must know them and collect them. Everything is realized on our website. Must be at least 18 years of age to be able to work in any bank in Bangladesh and must be a qualified candidate. This has given IFIC Bank Limited manpower a huge opportunity compared to other banks. Application links have been provided on the website for all the candidates who do not know how to apply. IFIC Bank Limited is always on the side of eligible candidates and will be able to get the job if there is honesty.

Final Worlds

Crushing for the right idea and understanding about bank jobs will definitely benefit. Do not miss the opportunity to use all the information previously employed at IFIC Bank. If you want to know more job news of other banks then visit our website. Check out our Facebook page or comment to get regular job updates and we’ll try to help.


Recent Government Job Circular 2021


News of all ongoing government jobs has been discussed through this post. The people of Bangladesh are more interested in government jobs, they always want to be permanently employed. Here you will find several government job circulars and you have to complete the application in different categories by selecting the positions of your responsibility. Every job seeker will look at the recent job circular, the list is attached and you can easily apply. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh, you will have the opportunity to get a government job. You must be a qualified candidate. Educational Qualification in most jobs If you pass SSC, HSC exams, you will get opportunities in different jobs.

Government Job Circular 2021

If you want to get news of any government job, visit our website Google and you will find everything. Candidates must apply for government jobs because they will have the opportunity to work locally. The Bangladesh government pays employees well and evaluates them. There are several ongoing job circulars now that you apply for the position you qualify for. Don’t miss the opportunity. Compared to other years, the government has issued recruitment notices for various jobs in 2021 for the welfare of the people. Conscious citizens will definitely be able to get a job. Circular touch has said that no person will be employed by paying a bribe. Try to apply the right way and go down to see all the job circulars.

Bangladesh navy job circular 2021

DTE Job Circular 2021

Department of Public Health Engineering DPHE Job Circular 2021

Bangladesh Police Job Circular 2021

Bangladesh Police Job Circular 2021

Tax Commissioner Office Job Circular 2021

Prime Minister Office Job Circular 2021 – Apply Online

Recent Job Collection of

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs Job Circular 2021
  2. Chittagong Port Authority Job Circular 2021
  3. Brac NGO Job Circular 2021
  4. Power Development Board Job circular 2021
  5. Bangladesh Election Commission ECS Job Circular 2021
  6. Pubali Bank Limited Job Circular 2021
  7. Saptahik Chakrir Khobor Newspaper 2021

All Government Jobs in Bangladesh

The government of Bangladesh has provided more opportunities to the people of the country in the field of government jobs. The government selects manpower from each district and employs them. Citizens must be ready before they can get a job. If you want to get more government or private, bank, NGO, company job news, then visit Google or you will find the circular on our website and its policy is given in due course. Those who want to get a job need to complete the application through their official website and know their various notice activities.


You can visit our Facebook page or visit the website to get all kinds of job news regularly. Let us know if you have any questions about all government job advertisements and we will try to help.

BGB Border Guard Job Circular 2021


Bangladesh BGB job circular 2021 has published BGB (Boarder guard of Bangladesh) has published a new job circular recently. We find the circular from “saptahik chakrir khobor ” newspaper on the 22 October 2021 and it’s deadline date is 24 October 2021. The newspaper has been published this news by the detector of BGB of BD. The detector of BGB has come to lighted this new on 15 October 2021. We know that BGB is a great force of our country.

BGB Border Guard Job Circular 2021

BGB are the attentive cestode of our boarder. They give the piece of our country from the foreign countries enemy’s. They restrict all illegally product there which is illegal and not to be give taxes. Sometimes they should be attracted by the robber party when the restrict the products. They keep an eye all-time of their countries security. The keep their eye for the safety of our countries people. They can give their life for the safety of our country. The main duties of BGB is safe their own countries land. Without these BGB restrict the illegal products and also obey the government order. The structural name of BGB is Ramgarh local batelian in(1975). It’s formally started on 15 October in 2011. Now, BGB has a secret agent group. So, BGB is a great force of our country. For getting more information about BGB click here.

BGB Job Summary:

  • Organization Name: Bangladesh BGB Border Guard
  • Published Date: 13 October 2021
  • Educational Qualification: SSC and HSC
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Job Location: Anywhere Bangladesh
  • Age Limit: 18-23 Years
  • Employment Type: Permanent Jobs
  • Website link:
  • Application Last Date: 24 October 2021

BGB Border Guard Job Circular 2021

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Walton Group Job Circular 2021 | Apply Online


Walton group job circular has been published on 16 October 2021 by Walton Group has published a recruitment notice. Walton is Bangladesh’s own company. Walton Company has various goods such as TV, fridge, ceiling fan, Walton motor, motorcycle etc. The famous company Paltan of Bangladesh has a lot of reputation. Walton Company advertises thousands of people every month. If you want to get a job in Walton company, you must be a qualified person. Walton is a reliable organization and they have many groups. Walton has benefited more from the establishment of Bangladesh and the employment of people has increased. Walton Company is the most popular company in Bangladesh and they have confidence in their people.

Walton Group Job Circular 2021

Walton Company has published recruitment notification. All students of Bangladesh can apply according to their qualifications. To get a job at Walton Company, you need to have some work experience or read the post carefully by publishing recruitment notice without any experience. Walton Company is a large company in Bangladesh and reliable workers work in their company. Walton Group has announced the recruitment of 2021. You can apply now very easily. Get a job with Walton Company without any experience. Bangladesh has more companies and Walton Company is at the top among them. It achieves a lot every year through its work. Walton Company has published a very nice recruitment notice. If you like the job, apply in a simple way.

Job Summary:

  • Organization Name: Walton Group Bangladesh
  • Published Date: 16 October 2021
  • Job Type: Company Jobs
  • Woolton Website:
  • Job Location: Anywhere Bangladesh
  • Educational Requirements: See Circular Image
  • Application Fee: See Job Circular
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Experience Requirements: See Circular
  • Jobs Source:
  • Application Last Date: 03 November 2021

Apply Online

Walton Group Job Circular 2021

Walton Group Job Circular 2021

How To Apply Walton Group Job?

Simply apply to Walton Company by visiting their website. If you want to apply to Walton Company in 2021, you must apply with information. Walton Company has announced the recruitment application must be made before the end of the application date. If you can’t apply to Walton Company, you must go to the computer store and apply. There is a link on our website from where you can easily apply if you read the post well. You can see there are many job news published on our website Keep an eye out for daily news exam routine routine educational news.

SSC Routine 2021 All Education Board


The SSC exam of 2021 will start with the publication of SSC routine. Tests for this year’s virus have been delayed and students have been put in trouble. Bangladesh Board of Education will publish the SSC routine of 2021 in a few days. You can download it from our website. This year’s SSC student are less than the other year because the student could not reach their destination due to the corona virus. You can easily download the brand new routine PDF file of 2021. Secondary school SSC exam are very important and a new step for students to get into big classes. Proceed to read more discussions below from our website.

SSC Exam Routine 2021 Bangladesh

Bangladesh Board of Education conducts SSC examinations for every student and conducts them very well. The SSC exam routine is very important because the exam will be held at the right time. You need to know and read these. Every student has the feeling of passing the SSC exam this year due to coronavirus most of the students could not study conveniently. The Bangladesh Board of Education will hold the SSC examination on the same day and will complete the examination on time. As soon as the SSC routine is published, you have to prepare for the exam because you have to pass the next class. Bangladesh Education Board Dhaka has implemented everything as per the routine of SSC examination of 2021. SSC new routines can be found on our website and downloaded for free.

SSC Routine 2021 PDF Download

You can download SSC Routine All Board easily from our website Examinations will be held at the specified time through SSC routine. If the SSC routine changes, you can easily find out through our website. There is no need to worry about the SSC exam routine changes from time to time. You can find updates on our website. In 2021 SSC students will have to download new routines. People from all districts of Bangladesh are candidates for SSC, blessed with good results. You can easily get the SSC exam routine from the website of the Board of Secondary Education. You can download the new routine of 2021 from our site. Most websites publish routines and confuse people, with the exception we get 100% true news on our site.

SSC New Routine 2021 PDF

The Ministry of Education of Bangladesh has informed that the SSC routine is going to be published in a few days. He said that the examination will be held in the first week of November and the students will have to continue their studies according to the syllabus. The Ministry of Education is going to take the long-stalled exams. SSC exams are held in February in other years.

SSC exams will be held in November due to corona virus. With 60 days left in the exam, the assignment process must continue and the group based exam will be important information. The Secretary General of Education said that the students could not take classes as the educational institutions were closed and therefore group based examinations would be held. Students can download SSC Routine 2021 PDF of Science, Commerce, Humanities Group in an easy way through our website. If you want to know more details about SSC routine then visit their official website now or do a Google search.

SSC Exam Routine Latest News Update 2021

Today 27th September 2021 SSC Exam Routine has been released. The Minister of Education said the examination will be held on 14 November at various educational institutions. Students must download the SSC routine. The group based examination will be held on 14th November at the examination center knowing the schedule. Take a look at the SSC Routine 2021 PDF download system below.

SSC Routine 2021

  • Dakhil Exam Start: 14th November 2021
  • Dakhil Exam End: 21st November 2021
  • Time: 10:00 and 1:00 PM
  • Board name: Madrasah Education Board Bangladesh

Dakhil Exam Routine 2021 PDF

SSC Routine 2021 All Education Board


SSC Exam Routine 2021 All Education Board PDF Download

With the publication of SSC examination routines of all the Board of Education in Bangladesh, you can download it from the website in an easy way. The SSC routine of all education boards is the same because Bangladesh conducts examinations under one head. You can download the routines of Dhaka Board of Education, Jessore Board of Education, Mymensingh Board of Education, Rangpur Board of Education, Chittagong Board of Education, Barisal Board of Education, Comilla Board of Education, Rangpur Board of Education from our website

SSC Exam Routine 2021 Comilla Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Rajshahi Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Dhaka Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Dinajpur Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Chittagong Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Barisal Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Sylhet Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Jessore Education Board
SSC Exam Routine 2021 Sylhet Education Board
BTEB Exam Routine 2021 Technical Education Board
Dakhil Exam routine 2021 Madrasah Education Board

The Board of Secondary Education has many policies and conducts SSC examinations in different centers. Two months after the SSC exam, the test results are published on the internet. Most of the students find out the test results through internet. Thanks for reading this post in its entirety to know more about SSC routine.

See the Subject list of SSC Examination 2021

The list of subjects which will be examined in all the groups of SSC will be given below. Students will take a look. Group based SSC exam will be held. Of course all students will be able to download SSC routine by going down to see the subject.

SSC Subject list Humanities in Bangladesh

Subject Name Code
Geography* 110
Civic & Citizenship* 140
Economics* 141
General Science 127

SSC Subject list Commerce in Bangladesh

Subject Name Code
Finance & Banking 152
Accounting 146
Business Ent. 143
General Science 127

SSC Subject list Science in Bangladesh

Subject Name Code
Physics 136
Chemistry 137
Biology 138
Higher Math 126

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NEW SSC Exam 2021 Update News

The SSC routines of all education boards across the country will be published on the same day and the question papers will remain the same, the education ministry said. Through SSC routine students will be able to know the schedule of all subjects. There is all the preparation for the secondary school exams and the question paper work is finally in the best hope of revealing the routine. Students will be able to download the PDF through this site as soon as the SSC routines of all the Boards of Education are published. An estimated 3,60,000 students will take part in the SSC exams this year under nine education boards and they are hoping to publish routines. All educational institutions are set to reopen on July 12 and the SSC routine may be released later this month. We will let you know all the updates that the Ministry of Education will give later through this post. See More…..

SSC Routine 2021

First search the SSC routine on the website then download in an easy way. I am keeping it easy for your convenience because you can download it in a beautiful way. SSC Exam Routine 2021 All Board Routes need to be downloaded per page. Good luck to all the students of 2021, blessed with good results. The SSC routine will be released much later this year due to the corona virus. Visit our website to get all kinds of educational news. We are constantly updating the news. Most of the students get educational news on our website and give good reviews, If you like this post, be sure to spread the word.

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BRAC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021 –


BRAC bank limited job circular has been published 16 October 2021 by BRAC Bank is a very popular bank in the country. BRAC Bank has many facilities such as money coming from home and abroad. The people of Bangladesh work in different countries and they regularly transact money through BRAC Bank. BRAC Bank has announced recruitment for 2021. You can apply very easily. BRAC Bank is one of the best banks in the country. There are many opportunities to transact money very easily. The people of Bangladesh have a lot of confidence in BRAC Bank and all the people of the country are happy with their work. BRAC Bank is a convenient bank for transacting money of all the people of the country.

Bangladesh BRAC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021

BRAC Bank has published the recruitment notification for 2021. If you want to get a job at BRAC Bank, you need to have some experience. BRAC Bank Many popular institutions can transact money very easily. BRAC Bank notices recruitment all year round and wants to do something good for the people. To apply for the 2021 Recruitment Circular, you must be a qualified candidate and have work experience or you will not be able to apply. BRAC Bank will announce the highest number of recruitment in 2021, according to some reports. Keep an eye out and share to get all the work news on our website.

BRAC Bank Limited Job Summary

  • Organization Name: BRAC Bank Limited
  • Published Date: 16 October 2021
  • Experience Requirements: See Circular
  • Age Limit: 18-40 Years
  • Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh
  • Gender: Both Male & Female
  • Salary: Negotiable
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  • Job Nature: Full-time
  • Application Deadline: 25 October 2021

Apply Online

BRAC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021

How To Apply BRAC Bank Limited Job Circular

If you want to apply for this job then you can apply directly by providing our site link. You can also easily apply for a job at BRAC Bank online. Currently all jobs have to be applied for online. Must be a qualified person to apply for a job for BRAC Job Circular. BRAC Bank has published a completely new recruitment notification for 2021. They have a lot of reputation in BRAC Bank, they have achieved a lot from outside the country. If you want to know about them, search on Google. If you can’t apply, go to one of the computer stores and apply. Please read the entire post carefully before applying to BRAC Bank. You can easily apply and stay with us through our website

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